Best Ceiling Designs To Make Your Room Look Heavenly

The ceiling is the most neglected part of any room and most of the people keep it white to highlight the designs on the wall. But the interior designers make the best use of the ceiling by designing it thoroughly. It is because the ceiling design can turn your room’s overall design from good to great. The following is the list of the best ceiling designs you can do in your room.

The Maze Design –

This is referred to as the themed ceiling with the extreme ends of designing the entire room where the ceiling is going to be the center of attraction. You can do it in one room where you want the guests to sit and relax and even have food. The entire room has to be designed accordingly. Otherwise, it may look odd to have a ceiling like that.

The Sparkling Design –

Anything that sparkles can catch our eyes and attention instantly. Whether it is the kitchen or the dining place, you can have these spectacular tiles in a barrel-vaulted space on the ceiling and turn the room marvelous. With beautiful hanging lights and a perfect sized table, the place can the best part of your home.

The Geometric Design –

Most of us like to apply colorful colors on the walls of the rooms. But this brings down the scope and creativity of decorating the ceiling to overpower the wall design. However, this is a universal ceiling design with crafted geometry shapes which will not only enhance the color of the color but make the ceiling awe-inspiring.

The Ring Design –

There are many who like to have a box design on the ceiling. Instead, you could opt for this ring design with criss-cross design in each block. The color of the room, as well as the ceiling, has to be well chosen for the theme to highlight perfectly. The boxes must have lights glowing from the center and spreading across to give a luxurious look.

The Wooden Ceiling Design –

If you have a rather narrow but long seating room, you can buy furniture with wooden finish and place them there. The floor can have wooden colored tiles and the ceiling central part must be wooden. Wooden ceiling designs must be well lit to give a hint of modern touch to the retro design.

If you have invested a lot in the walls of your rooms, you should make that extra investment to design your ceiling. That investment will be more fruitful as any design of the ceilings will be more noticeable and turn every room extraordinary.