Best Curtain Designs To Grab The Attention

At the very beginning, curtains were used only for the windows to guard the sunlight’s entry into the room and to keep the room cool. But soon it became a must-have for all windows and even doors as they have the ability to enhance the beauty of the room. Curtains act as the first impression as they hang on the doors which are the entrance to the room. Furthermore, the curtains on the windows are used to highlight the designs and colors of the walls and make the room eye-catching lively. The followings are some of the best curtain designs are that extremely popular.

1. Day Night Curtains

These transparent curtains let the sunlight pass through and make the room bright. At the same time, the design on the curtains gets highlighted beautifully. However, the room will not get heated up and at night, the curtains are going to look even more beautiful as it must have the similar color as the wall of the room for its prints.

2. Digit Print Curtains

The art of painting the walls is on the rise and therefore, there are curtains coming out with digital print such that when you close the curtains completely, the whole 3D drawing on the curtains will be visible. There is no doubt that this design will grab the attention of any person instantly and turn your room super cool.

3. Circular Print Curtains

This is one of the best curtain designs and it has circular prints. At the top, you will find three layers of white and pink frill pattern. You will also notice that behind the pink curtain, there is a white hanging cloth with pink prints. There is no doubt that this innovative design will make your room gorgeous.

4. Verdant Green Curtains

The green color of the curtains is the safest and the best for the eyes. However, the room must have a light shade for the deeper shade of green curtains to get highlighted. Otherwise, there must be something green in the room like the sofa or the windows or the carpets.

5. The Technicolor Curtains

When you have used multiple colors in the room like the walls have a different color, the ceiling or the floor has a different design, or the carpets have different shades, you can have the curtains with the different color combination. However, you need to make sure that the colors on the curtains must match with different colors you already have in the room. Apart from that, these curtains have different geometric shapes and the room must have an ample source of light.

Apart from these, there are various other curtain designs available but these are the best and the most eye-catching that can make your room look like a million-dollar deal.