Best Small Bathroom Designs to Make It Look Luxurious

Just because your bathroom is small does not mean you cannot turn it into the favorite room in your home. More than the other rooms, the bathroom has to be appealing and inspiring. But most of the people ignore their bathroom décor especially because it is the smallest room in the house. You can turn your limited bathroom space look alive with the following best small bathroom designs.

1. Modern Design

The modern design is very different from what a traditional mall bathroom should look like. People are turning their bathroom décor as same as any room décor. Therefore, instead of the traditional white-ish design, they are trying out colorful tiles across the mirror area and deep colored storage racks and colorful walls. It is surely going to attract you to the bathroom and give you a pleasurable experience.

2. Luxury Design

The size is not a constraint is designing a bathroom into a luxurious space. It is the color you color and the wall tiles you attach. You need to choose a royal color and get all the items starting from basin to commode in the same color. Installing a shower glass is a must. But most importantly, the tiles should look luxurious and precious. It is one of the best small bathroom designs to make it look like a million buck deal.

3. Wooden Design

We are all used to seeing a bathroom in white color. That is why the wooden design will be more attractive as not many people would fathom it. The entire walls need to have wooden color tile, and you can choose the floor color accordingly to highlight the walls. Even the racks have to be of wooden so that it gives a complete wooden look.

4. Cubicle Modular Design

It is always better when you have different separated spaces in any room for different items. It is more so important for a bathroom with limited space. You can create cubicles for the rack, for washing basin, for the shower and likewise. The use of wooden coating can highlight the modularity perfectly. The rest can be spotless white or any light color, but the entire thing has to be of the same color.

5. Mirror Wall Design

The more mirrors you have in your small bathroom, the larger the bathroom area will appear due to mirror visual effect. Therefore, you can attach big mirrors to the wall to cover it all up wherever possible. The mirrors should withstand moisture and should not create dark spots over time. The tiles of the walls have to be digital and glossy. It is better to keep everything white or puff white including the tiles.